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17th March 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

Update of GigaPlus Argyll website and service launch

This is to let you know that we have, today, re-launched our website (gigaplusargyll.co.uk). We hope that you like the new look and that the information you need can easily be found.

There are now two Internet Service Providers (ISP) who are offering a variety of packages, to suit all needs, over the GigaPlus Argyll network. In addition to AB Internet, who as you know are building our infrastructure as well as acting as an ISP, services will be available from GIGA+ (by Scotnet).

The construction of the network is progressing, and the first customers will be connected by the end of April. These customers will be in Croggan on the Isle of Mull. Other areas will follow closely afterwards, and it is expected that the entire network will be completed by the autumn.

You will find links on our website to both ISPs’ sites where details of the various packages being offered can be found. Please be aware that (in accordance with our undertaking) GigaPlus Argyll will not be passing on any of your registration details to AB-Internet or Giga+ (Scotnet), so as a potential customer you should make your interest known directly to your chosen ISP.

You will also find on our site a new section, headed “Membership”. GigaPlus Argyll is a Community Benefit Society and is managed by a Board of Directors and a Steering Group, all of whom are volunteers. We want to encourage all those who have an interest in our community project to join as members and take an active part in maintaining and developing our work to make high standards of connectivity available to all. We are especially keen to achieve a broad spread of membership from across all of our constituent communities.

You’re likely to receive a flyer through the post from Giga+ within the next few days to introduce their service and broadband internet packages. Their website gigaplus.co.uk is live, so please do take a look. Giga+ (Scotnet) will be accepting orders, but connection to the GigaPlus Argyll network will only happen once the appropriate part of the network goes live.

If you have any questions please contact Richard Thorne (Project Manager) at rthorne@gigaplusargyll.co.uk, or on 01680 812906.

Yours sincerely,

Moray Finch
Chairman, GigaPlus Argyll